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How To Install Archlinux The Easy Quick And Dirt Way


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Very nice guide indeed! Not only do I love the screenshots, but I love how they're in spoiler tags so my little lappy handles the page better.

Still haven't had the time to give Arch a good swing and I'll likely reference this when I do
Sorry for the messed up thumbnails atm, the issue is being looked at already for thumbnails in articles and the market place.
Updated for the newer non-AIF install media.
Very good. Other then needing an internet connection (which isn't a problem most of the time) it does look alot simpler then the aif.
Netinstalls are usually better in most cases anyways

Albeit not always right for certain situations, but whenever possible, it is recommended.
You need to do a %s/ect/etc/g as there's a few occastions when you point towards the ect directory instead etc.

Aside that, good work.
Yeah I figured I would make a few mistakes like that, lol. Why do I always come up with the brilliant idea to do these things at 3 in the morning ( I think I wrote the original about the same time too, lol ).

Also you can always edit it if you find things like that

I'm sure there's things you could contribute to it
Perhaps with the introduction of systemd the guide could be updated to have a decision between rc and systemd for daemons and such.
I thought about it but I kind of rewrote this guide randomly at 3-4am ( my update post above says 3:40 on the time stamp, lol ). And I'm going to be busy for the next 2 weeks or so and won't have much time to write it up real quick. I went ahead and gave a few more people access to edit it, so if you want to you can add to it if you want

Else it'll have to wait till I get back.
Great guide, however you should remove unetbootin as an example for writing the image to a usb as the arch wiki says not to.
Added a blurb about current grub package issues and the workaround for them.
Overclock.net › How To's › How To Install Archlinux The Easy Quick And Dirt Way