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How To Remove Ocz Ram Heatspreaders Platinum Gold Sli Ready Editions

Greetings fellow OCN-Members,
if not already written, I'll present you my short tutorial to remove the heatspreader on the good old OCZ sticks. Depending on their assembly its sometimes quite tricky to remove the heatsink. Their sinks mostly are glued together with a cloth-like tape on both sides.
Thing is, if anyone of you still have some of the listed OCZ sticks below, I highly recommend to remove the heatsink from them. It has been debated countless times if ram heatsinks are even worth buying and I have to say that they pretty much are - but often not the manufacturers.
In case of OCZ heatspreaders: they are totally useless. They even prevent the heat from escaping the source.
So heres the list to which OCZ rams I refer:
  • OCZ Gold series
  • OCZ Platinum series (XTC sink)
  • OCZ SLI-Ready edition (see my example)
  • OCZ Obsidian series
  • OCZ Intel XMP/Extreme edition
  • OCZ Fatality edition
Lets get started. You do not need many utilities to complete this task, a flat screwdriver, an ear tip and nail varnish remover will do the trick. Of course, you need your thumbnails! thumb.gif
But the most important thing is: PATIENCE. You need a lot. Else you'll see yourself cursing about a broken ram chip that doesnt sit where it's supposed to. You dont want that.
First step: make yourself a solid basis to work with. Grab your victims and get going.
I already picked my companions for this tutorial:
Start on one of the edges of the stick and simply lift the frame of the sink. They are split into two pieces each side, the frame, and the mesh.
Keep this up until you reached the middle. They frame is mostly stronger in the middle, so we will swap to the other side first.
right side done, now the left side.
Until you reach this state.
Keep the pressure. Works better with two hands.
Finished with the frame. This was the easy part!
On to the tricky one. First off, you are about to remove a mesh grill, which means if you do this slowly and dont bend the grill too much, you can reuse it wherever you want. It looks quite good (at least the black ones do, Gold and Platinum series for example are not black)! I'm sure you'll find the right spot for it smile.gif
Put your thumbnail below the mesh grill and lift it a bit up on the edges. Alternatively, you can use the flat screwdriver to lift it. But be careful, you can damage the stick as fast as you can remove the mesh wink.gif
After you did this to the left and to the right, put the screwdriver in the middle to further raise the mesh. As always, be very careful.
If it's gotten a bit loose, screw that driver and use your thumbs. Spread the grill from the chips.
Just make sure your the pressure is not put on pointwise. Remove the grill gradually.
Got it.
Take your time, with some practice its pretty easy smile.gif
When we flip the stick, it depends on the version of it how we'll continue. If it is singlesided, read on, if its doublesided just repeat the steps above.
Singlesided sticks are a bit harder to handle since the mesh grill is directly placed at the circuitboard and you have no space in between to lift the grill.
Try to get one thumbnail under the mesh to lift it up a bit.
If you do this at the corners, you will again be able to slide the screwdriver under the grill. If so, try to lift it with slight pressure.

Then continue to remove the grill cm per cm.

Try not to bend it so much if you want to use it later on.
If you got both sides, remove the remaining glue pieces with an ear tip and the varnish remover and you're good to go.
I hope that small tutorial is useful for you guys and clarifies some questions regarding OCZ sticks and their heatsinks!
Feel free to critize, ask, jizz... whatever you want smile.gif

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Looks bad, is bad, sorry mate ;D
my ocz flex was like that when i tried it a long time ago. now I got flex heat spreaders in my bag of goodies.
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