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How To Request A Paypal Prize From Ocn

Step 1


Log in to your PayPal account. Once redirected to "My Account", click on the "Request Money" tab:





Step 2


Click on the "Request Money" button:




Step 3


Fill in the form.


Recipient's email address: admin@overclock.net (or advertising@overclock.net; both are fine).

Amount: Replace "xxxx" with the value of your prize. Since most OCN prizes are awarded in US$, make sure that currency is also selected.

Request payment for: Services.





Step 4


Make sure the request is sent to "Shogun Interactive Development", and for the correct amount. When you're certain, click the "Request Money" button.


Also, feel free to send a "thank you" message to admin while you're at it. wink.gif





Step 5


You're done! You'll be able to check back on the status of your request in the "My Account" section. If you haven't received your prize after two weeks of sending the request, PM the Staff member who drew the prize. If that doesn't work, PM the Managing Editor (Tator Tot).


NOTE: Prizes are paid out weekly, on Monday evenings.

Comments (8)

What happens if I just request some money ?
Won't work; the requests are approved by the Staff member hosting the event. Until that approval goes through, the prize won't be paid out.
thanks again its nice !
Nice How To, thanks.
Ahhhhh I got it now. I'm such a doofus sometimes. lol
your awesome zodac thanks
I'm pretty sure we're on our 5th week since Chimpin. What's the holdup? :/
What do I do if I don't have a request tab?
Overclock.net › How To's › How To Request A Paypal Prize From Ocn