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Huge Purchase

well, I mulled it over enough, what I am going to get and what I need vs what I like and how much I am willing to spend on the new computer blah blah blah.........

I Hate spending money, but once I get my heart set on a new computer, there is no stopping me. It will happen eventually, just a matter of when I get the courage to press the button .

so I mulled it over today, and "my" new haf x case gets here next week, and I would hate to see that beast sitting around empty in it's box, sad, and alonely.
I had all the components in my cart for two days, and I switch one out this evening because a thread I started (decided on Asus 5870 if you are all around, thanks guys)
and then it just sat there in my cart for another hour....
staring at me.....

begging me....

after talking to my girl friend, and doing some math, ($300 under what I was willing to spend after tax and shipping, minus that stupid awsome ax 1200W which no one has).

I CLICKED the button!!!!!(see blog description for details on computer)

I KNOW.. I KNOW... kinda a strange time to order it, Friday night, doesn't get shipped until monday... But really this will be making my bouncing and Happy ALL WEEKEND.
Unboxing and pictures to come guys I promise.

Miss Period Hates me now ............... explain later.


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