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I Hate Siblings

Well, I got a lot to vent off here. Today I went to take a shower like I do everyday and when shaving, I notice that there is no hand towel and on my bath towel there is a bunch of blue shaving cream. Now, recently, my "step brother" has moved into the house... and we do NOT get a long very well at ALL. Back to the shaving cream, his is white, mine is blue. So not only does he use my shaving cream without my permission, but he steals the hand towel and uses my bath towel to wipe his face off. Nice. So because of that... I have moved all of my bathroom supplies into my room. I love feeling like the guest in my own house.

So this isn't the only thing that bothers me. I'm a very chill person, and I wouldn't have posted if it was just the bathroom.

Now, I'll fill you in on his... specs (yeah, I've been around OCN too much). He's 20, a high school drop out, has over $7,000 in tickets from the state, and is an overall redneck. It's not that I judge people, but this guy is a serious slob. He moved in here to our guest room because his "roommates" (a bunch of 20 yr old guys just like him in a trailer somewhere) kicked him out. I can see why. Of course when he got here he needed a job, which to be honest, is not that difficult to find in my area. Instead of getting hired near here (well, I guess it's not as easy for him without a diploma) he got a job 25 miles away making $10 an hour painting airplane wings for a small aircraft company. Because of his plethora of tickets, his license is suspended. So he started to ride my dad's expensive mountain bike to work and back everyday. My dad was ok with him riding the bike around town, but not a 50 mile trip everyday... long story short, the tires are worn and flat now, the sprocket has been bent, and the rear brakes aren't working anymore. Not to mention it's covered in "Monster" energy drink stickers.

When he got a paycheck, instead of offering to get my dad's bike fixed, he went out to buy a new bike. My dad (being the nice guy he is) shook it off, and drove him around to local stores/bike shops to buy a new bike. But god forbid that he actually buy something new. They ended up going out to the old redneck town he used to live in and got a road bike from a pawn shop. Imaginably, the bike broke within the next week (I don't get it, I've had my BMX bike for 7 years and have never broken it like he has..). So now he gets rides to work from someone he knows from church.

If you thought it stopped there, you were wrong. My parents recently drove down to Oregon for a weekend to do some of my "step-moms" family crap. This leaves me alone with him. My family has a strict no drugs/alcohol rule. None of these substances are allowed from the end of the driveway. My step mom also told me and him (his name is Ryan, so I'll just start saying that.) not to do anything to crazy, blah blah blah. My dad wasn't really worried because he knew I would just sit in my room working on a computer or playing a video game... but Ryan on the other hand.. ugh. The next day I woke up, and there was an early 90's Honda Accord in the driveway getting a new head gasket.. I was like "wth is going on here". Ryan was fixing the car for someone, and some how 3 of his friends made their way over here too. What do 20 something male rednecks do when their hanging out with their friends? They drink. Ryan begged me not to tell my dad or his mom that this happened, and I didn't. I didn't have to. The "4 hour job" turned out taking 4 days. My parents came home furious. My fathers tools were scattered along the driveway and lawn, and there was a broken down car in the grass... not to mention the garage reeked of beer. So yeah.. that flew like a lead plane on a windy day.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.. but there is more stuff. Yep, I'm surprised too. You see, I live in a happy Washingtonian suburb. My house was built in 2000, and it's a pretty nice place. I didn't think it was possible to make it dark and smelly, but once again Ryan proved me wrong. His room... is like a cave. He has hung up some kind of Army surplus blanket over his window, and he leaves his crappy 20" CRT on all day with just a blue screen. He also leaves his wet cloths in one huge mountain. The entire upstairs of my house smells... musky. The carpet in there is probably already ruined, because of what I have seen of how he treats the living room. He has spilled two sodas on the carpet in the living room in one month, and every time I go to watch TV, it takes me 15 minutes to locate the remote control. He also leaves his dirty cloths laying around everywhere.

This leads me to another thing, he and I can never agree on what to watch on TV. He watches TV far more than I do, so most of the time we watch what he wants to. Which is one of three things: Spongebob, Hannah Montana, or some 4X4 Truck show. Most of the time, I just sit through it and text people instead of actually watching that crap. When I have control of the TV, however, I like to watch things like CNN, Nat Geo, History, or sitcoms (Two & a Half Men.. etc). He won't shut up about how un-entertaining these shows are (most of the time I watch CNN) which brings up racism. Yes, he's racist, and a political idiot. I won't delve to far into it because of the OCN ToS, but our ideals are VERY different.

I could think of a lot more things he does that drive me crazy, I honestly didn't think I had this much against him.. but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just thought I'd share what I deal with with you guys.

I feel better now.


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