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I Hate Siblings Part 2

Oh yes people it's back. An event tonight has given me more negative energy to release.

Okay, what has kami pissed off tonight? Well dinner is post-poned because somebody ran out of gas 15 miles from home. Awesome.

So, let's get you filled in. My 20-Year-old step brother, Ryan, recently got his license back from the state. The weeks before he got it, my parents searched craigslist and got him a 1980's Mazda station wagon. It's a decent little car, RWD, heater works, gets better gas mileage than my 1991 Camry.. blah blah blah. Well at the last minute, he decides it's a great idea to not accept this free offer and he goes and buys a old beat up Suzuki Samari from only god knows where. This thing is a serious pile of junk.. it has no exhaust, runs open header practically which means it wakes up the entire city when he comes home from his job (he works nights..) at 6AM. The doors are a different color than the the rest of the body.. it's jacked up with no mudflaps and is generally a redneck-mobile. Which isn't good because it looks like crap in our driveway.

So among other things, my dad and I the other day went out to get coffees. When we come home, and we are pulling into the driveway, he notices that Ryan's window is broken. Now how you break a window when you have it covered by a blanket is a good question, but then again, everything is a good question when it comes to this guy. So it turns out, even after my dad and step mom yelled at him they still don't know how he broke it. Whatever.

Oh, since the last time I posted about this I managed to whip out my Memoir one day and snap a quick picture of his awesome man cave. Observe...

So.. time to wrap this up.

The reason I got motivated tonight is that I have some free time thanks to Ryan. You see, I go down stairs because I smell that dinner is almost done, and it is. Then my step-mom's phone rings. Guess who? Yeah. He managed to run out of gas 15-20 miles away from home. Freaking awesome. My step-mom dropped everything and rounded up my dad to go help him. And now here I am, with a room smelling of teryaki chicken and noodles, BUT I CAN'T FREAKIN' EAT IT!! :swearing:

This guys seriously needs to find someone else's life to interrupt.


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