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I Hate The Antec 900

Why? Well actually, I don't think I do hate it that much; if you were to give me a 900 right now, I'd surely go ahead and take a look at it, try a rig in it, appreciate it's craftsmanship that everybody seems to be raving about, then get rid of it before anybody sees me with it. It's not because of the product itself, it's more about how disturbingly popular it is. Demonstration:
Member: I'm thinking about getting a Lian-Li but I don't know what model would fit my needs. I'll be doing (this that this that), what is right for me?

Other Member: Or lol ur can save teh money and buy teh Antek 900 hundred lol it's much kewler. In the previous example it is pretty clear that Other member has a very limited grasp on english and probably an IQ below 80, but still, he recommends and Antec 900. lol? This presence of a product in the average noob's catalogue is proof that too many people either have a 900, or at least have been wishing for one.

It seems that the 900 has become a cult case just like the Motorola Razr was and still pretty much it a cult phone. When I see a dozen members jubilating over this case I can't stop myself from thinking about a pack of early teenage girls screaming with glee over one of them's new OH SO SEXY Razr.

Pardon me if what I'm saying is blasphemy, but the 900 isn't the best case, nor is it the most well build or most loaded with features.

So for individuality's (and my mental well being's) sake, please, oh pretty please stop suggesting the 900 in the frequent "Suggest a case" threads. Everybody wants a good case, but being unique is always a plus when building custom PCs.


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