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I Have A Blahg

I'll try to keep blog posts vaguely technology related.

As of now I am having a hard time setting aside money to upgrade my very loved, yet very outdated computer.
between fixing my car, and restoring vintage french bikes, and my fancy new expensive condo... I pretty much break even every month. when my computer gets me by for BF2 and SC I guess upgrading isn't necessary but i feel like my old double presscot is always one bad flop away from death.

I guess i will hang on to it as long as i can, if i were to upgrade i would need a new CPU, mobo, PSU and at that point i would get a new GPU. Other than peripherals thats almost a whole new computer....
at least it does a good job of heating the living room.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › I Have A Blahg