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I See Your Red And Call It Blue

I got to thinking tonight about perception, specifically that related to sound, but it's pretty universal when you zoom out. I was wondering why people (myself included) can feel the need to do things that are anywhere from relatively unsubstantiated to obviously made up. Placebo effect didn't seem to cover it - nobody ever said the given changes were going to make a difference at all, or how much change they would make. That led to the broader thought about perception in general.

Suppose you're very young - 3 or 4 or however old you were when you began to learn colors. You're playing with your toys, one of which happens to be a fire truck. Somebody points out to you that the truck is "red". Now, you have no concept of naming colors, but now that somebody has done it for you you can identify that the fire truck and this text and the stop sign are all red. But, what if the color your eyes are actually seeing is not the same color that the other person's eyes are seeing? That is, what if what you call black is actually the what I see when you say red? And interesting notion, isn't it?

Something like that would be totally unprovable. Nobody can use anybody else's eyes and brain - but think about all that it would explain. Preferences in color? I think so. Now apply that same concept to sound - and while you're at it, pardon my mindless ideas. I'm just thinking out loud. Dangerous stuff, isn't it?


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