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I7 950 Batch Help

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For what it's worth, my 920 isn't a great overclocker either. To get 4GHz stable, I needed to have 1.36V with LLC enabled, which produced pretty high temps and consumed a bit more electricity than I was comfortable with. I have since backed it down to my current clock rate of 3.8GHz which only needs 1.26V, and temps have been much better without sacrificing much performance for my usage.

Hi mate! I saw this post of yours and compared to your signature. I was thus wondering whether you changed your processor and finally got higher clock speeds with less voltage. You were talking about a 920 in that thread and now you've got a 930 in your sig. Is this true? Are all the rest of your components the same (basically mobo and ram). I have a bad overclocker 950 you see(4ghz @ 1.34v in bios) and I am thinking to look for a better chip. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Any help/info is much appreciated.

Kind regards.



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