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Ideas For Next Upgrades

So, having recently bought some things for my computer, including a new G15 keyboard, Antec 1200 case (review on that later), and a brand spankin new XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 512 graphics card, I'm well underway planning my next set of upgrades, haha.

I've fallen in love with NewEgg's credit card. Their "buy now and pay back later" promotions are incredible. As of right now, I have 1000 dollars on it, and I don't have to pay it back till July 2009! I'm well aware that I will be crushed by interest if I wait past the due date, but this is the third time I've done this for upgrades so I'm pretty confident that I will be able to pay it off.

Anyway, here is what I have planned. Right now my computer is a general, all-purpose machine with not a lot of focus on any particular thing. I want to move it into a pure, fast as hell gaming rig with room to stretch its legs for a few years. What I have in mind is buying a Macbook Laptop for the sole purpose of IM/IRC/basic web surfing/misc programs, to help push the load off my computer. I'm very fond of mIRC for its scripting capabilities, but I'm going to try getting into writing chat bots on my linux box that I'm going to make into a server, which will also help reduce load on my computer by doing things such as torrents and file storage. With this load taken off, I no longer need a second monitor to multitask on my main PC. I do web development sometimes, but I can use the macbook as a web browser window to test pages, and I use Dreamweaver CS3 so I don't need multiple programs like Core FTP.

With no need for a second monitor, I plan on selling both monitors I have right now (two 19 inches) to either eBay or my dad and brother, and buy a nice, shiny 24 inch monitor (or larger depending on if I want to shed the cash for it). Since I'll only have one monitor, I can pick up another 8800 GTS and SLI it on my board, driving my computer's video capabilities through the roof.

I am going to hold out for the Nehalem processor, and a motherboard to go with it. I have no interest in Tri-SLI (I find that pretty excessive. People already find me crazy just for having two monitors in the first place). I'm very fond of ASUS boards so I'l end up buying whatever they come out with to support the new socket Intel is making. Hopefully, by then, DDR3 RAM will have reached a good price/performance point with low timings so it can compare to DDR2 800 RAM. I want to maintain my current level of 4 GBs of RAM, since it gives my computer a lot of room to do some heavy lifting with programs.

Anyway, that's about what I have planned for my next upgrade. I'll probably also pick up a new sound card (I'm looking at the Prelude) and the Logitech Z-5500 speakers. I'm pretty convinced that the Antec 1200 is the last case I'll buy for a really really long time, so I might end up giving it a shiny paint job, or putting some cathodes or water cooling in it.


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