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Im Going To Be Killed By Fenceposts

I honestly don't know why I put the effort in debating anymore. Examples: I was told that X-Fi's were better then the Asus Xonar DX because they had true EAX.

I made a great argument presenting that Xonar's are native to EAX 2.0 and simulate EAX 5.0 to a level that 99.9% of all users wouldn't know the difference.

Having used an X-Fi, I was EXTREMELY disappointed in Creative's business practices, causing me to buy more unwanted crap just to get 2.1 optical sound out of my card. the ALchemy crap didn't work 90% of the time and I couldn't get EAX in vista and I was extremely disappointed all around and Creative had no intention of fixing any of it.

All this I argued and my only response in return was

"Your on crack."

So by Fenceposts, yes I mean fanboys and by death of me, I can't stand arguing with these idiots.

What happened to intelligence and open mindedness.

In order to argue one point or another, you have to understand both sides of the fence.

I understand my Asus Xonar DX has some issues but in all honesty, I don't have a single complaint about it. It fits my needs 110%


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