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Im Sick Of The Xp Fanboys

Usually I don't post blogs or the like, but I'm sick of this and I have to vent.

Have you ever noticed in threads about DX10, Vista, XP's EOL, DX11, etc, that you get people who say that the only upgrade in Vista is that its newer, and of course, they have "used" it with SP1, So here's the real dig from someone who runs Ubuntu 8.04 x86 and Vista, not to mention, got XP to work as fast as 98 on a computer with 198Mb RAM, a Tseng Labs 2Mb Graphics Card and a Cyrix PR150 CPU, which wasn't easy, believe me.

So, anyway, Here's some common myths about Vista, and what I say about them.

Vista uses RAM less efficiently than XP/Vista uses more RAM than XP.

The truth of the matter is that Vista uses RAM much better than XP, and although it does use more RAM, it uses it in the same sense as F@H using CPU cycles, if another app wants some of the CPU/RAM, it gives it up, and only uses what its allowed to use.

Vista runs slower than XP does.
When I upgraded to Vista Ultimate SP1 from XP Home SP3, I didn't notice any difference in speeds at all, in fact, quite a few tasks got faster, Firefox started quicker, Games seem to get more FPS (Guitar Hero III used to lag on the Japan stage with a crowd for me and on Vista it doesn't.) and the system is generally snappier with loading programs.

Vista crashes a lot.
Although I recognise that everyone has different experiences, my one with Vista is the following; I've had 4 crashes, one due to nVidia drivers (I had to install the 9x drivers before I could download the latest), and the other 3 due to OC instability, and each and every time, its came back up phenomenally well, no data loss, Setting changes, automatic roll-back, etc.

People hate UAC and don't use Vista because of it, then go and praise XP, What I say to them is: "Disable it." If you don't like it, Disable it, I'm sure we've all had to disable stuff in XP, 98, 2000, etc, so why is everyone getting so pissy about having to disable a pathetically annoying thing in Vista?

I'm thinking of starting a Vista challenge, Go get a copy of Vista, I don't care how, and I don't want to know how, but just get one, install it and SP1, run a few games, Programs, use it for a month.

Then tell me if Vista is still worse than XP.


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