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Immature Fools

I hate people who think they are better then someone else because of their looks or stupid things like that.

It annoys the hell out of me how other people can think. Its so immature. For once people need to grow a pair and think before they act. Foolishness is extremely common more then ever it seems. It annoys the living hell of out me.

For instance, one guy who is Leboniese so he isn't white but he's not black. Everyday, he not only annoys the living hell out of me but he fights with another kid who I refer to as the "G-Gnome". He is so short, its hilarious. But, the he has a heart of GOLD.

So the Leboniese kid constanstly picks on G-Gnome and fights with him all day in every class. Which I sit next to in almost every class. The Leboniese kid is so immature. He isn't the only one though. There are several others.

Now, obviously, the best thing to do is just ignore. Its stupid and immature in return to retaliate. But what in the world do you do if you have to put up with it for another 4 years almost 3/4 of each year and day basically time wise.

I can sit there and have this kid slapping me or wise cracking all day. I have never really put up with it before, I dont really know why I am right now. Last year I pummbled a tard into the cement because he wouldn't cut the crap. But that was elementary school. This is high school. I have alot on the line if I do that including my scholarship......

I'll eventually think of someway to put up with it, or just go all out on his face and teach him to grow a pair.


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