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Immature Fools 2

So, as I posted before about one of the many immature fools that I have a "beef" with as some may say.....

Today he pushed the line. As soon as I walked into class I walked past him and I had this..... feeling. Like I knew something was going to happen. So it did. He took his desk and rammed into my legs. I almost fell but as I came back upwards I punched his fugly face head on.

I move toward him and did it again but then backed off because several desks were in my way. That shut him up for the entire day. I hope it stays that way.

Either I hit him or I was taking the desk and flinging it out the door behind me. But that would've been a signed that I was annoiyed and he would've continued the rest of the day.

Nothing was said, no teachers or deans confronted me.... YET

I hope he learned his lesson. If he wants to bring it on again, lets do it. Because it felt so frikken good the second he hit me with the desk. I felt enpowered and full of life as I bought my fist to his face. It was weird, but Ive felt it before on several rare occasions.


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