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Independence is underrated.
It seems the majorities goal is to not be Independent. The more and more I become independent, the more I love it.
My ex-girlfriend and I, who have evolved into best friends decided it was time to not talk for a while. And i made a fatal mistake of not keeping up my other friends while we were together. I love the ability to concentrate on my life, and not worry about fitting into other lives.

Now going into my senior year in high school, the only thing keeping me known on campus is baseball. My life is seemed to be made up of only a few basic things. Baseball, music, computers (ocn!).

I still love my ex-girlfriend dearly, we were together (minus a couple mishaps) for almost 3 and a half years. She had been the best friend in the whole world to me, and has changed my life. Being away from her for a couple months hopefully can jumpstart our relationships again.

I can't wait to have her in my arms again, but now I'll start my long awaited independent lifestyle, and i can't wait!

you are a true friend if you read this all and i thank you.



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