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Insane Spasms Or Magnificent Moves

Reading through some quotes today looking for something that I could possibly use in an English essay, I found a phrase coined by Angela Monet that I thought was simply amazing. It's so simple, yet so utterly true, and it applies to everybody.

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Think about it. Our modern society is so quick to alienate and ridicule a perceived "outsider" for having their own beliefs or motives behind a action they decide to do. If you, as an observer, are not made aware of these motives or reasons, why would you have any reason at all to criticize? To use Monet's analogy, those who are dancing probably have a reason to do so. They might have gotten a raise recently, agreed to marry a longtime friend, won the lottery, or heck, they might really actually be insane; all of which are for them to know, and for others not to make a mockery of.

We, as in humans across the globe, generally are not nice to each other. And, as a person whom is reading this, most likely you're not a member of the populous that would be so brash in your thought process. However, next time to want to write somebody off, try to listen to their music. You might just learn something useful. Or, at the least pick up a decent beat.


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