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Internet Forums Downhill Spiral

im not much of a internet surfer, dont really cruise around sites and jump in on the forums or anything.

except for here, theres only a few i occasionally visit.

so what are some peoples problems these days? its embarassing to read some posts that a lot of idiots..well, post.

not sucking up to anyone, but OCN has in my opinion the best community and forum management that i've come across, hence why i frequent this site.

but other sites, Gamespot for example, and even Playstation AU/NZ, they are ridiculous.

full of gimps with nothing better to do than browse the site, jump in a thread and pretty much tear down anybodys opinions provided they disagree.

in the famous words of my dead hero

"have we deteriorated to the level of dumb beasts?"

how does everyone else feel on this subject. come across the same things i have? its embarassing to admit im a part of these communities sometimes when you read peoples posts and i think "dude, you actually THINK like that? you're a ****"


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