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Invaluable Warning Inside The Internet Has Given Me A Phobia Of All Sorts

BIG NOTE: This applies to a lot more than "Tasteless" sites, it can apply to anything involving human manipulation, from Dr. Phil to going out on a weekend to watch a bunch of gangs kill each other.

Well I never figured it was possible, but after years of watching all those shock videos and horror things, like Mental Zero or Rotten I have severe psychological damage. This isn't a joke or anything because that would be sick and disgusting. I know 99.9% of you don't look at shock sites or 'tasteless' as openDNS calls them, but for those of you that look at them, even occasionally like twice a year, STOP NOW. I have somniphobia, I'm always afraid of dying in my sleep when I lay down now. I have acrophobia. I have a hundred other phobias that I didn't have before I started looking at these regularly.

I know a lot of you will ask why the hell I look at it in the first place. I have no idea. I really don't. My friend showed Rotten to me many years ago and I slowly built up to going to 'tasteless' sites every day, multiple times a day.

I've taken some measures that are going to be hard to stay with, but I think it's for the best so I don't become schizophrenic or something at age 20. These include but won't be limited to: Using OpenDNS and blocking those 'tasteless' sites I've been looking at so I can't look at them, I may set a password that I don't know to not allow myself to ever change this. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can block those autopsy/medical shows (hopefully House survives that, I can't live without House!)via my Comcast cable.

I really never thought something like that could actually affect me, it's like you know, when you're a kid and you tell your parents "I'll be fine I won't have nightmares if you let me watch Saw(oh yeah that's going on the nono list as well)." Well, maybe you won't. If you don't then in 5-10 years you'll be the most neurotic, schizophrenic, depressed, anxiogenic person ever. Like I said, if even one of you is actually reading this and is thinking I don't go to shock or tasteless sites I'm fine, no, you're really not. It comes from anything that we wouldn't be exposed to in the natural world.

In the natural world if we were in packs of humans, maybe one of us would die every 10 years. With the internet, TV, and movies it's more like 10 people die every hour. Even if you don't think you're affected by people dying that you don't know--I didn't think I was--, you ARE. It may be subconscious or conscious but it's always there. If someone close to you dies, just take a break from TV, internet, movies, anything that could possibly have death in it. I've been overloaded by literally having 10 extended-family members die in less than a week, then of course I didn't realize it but I was watching Saw, 1000 ways to die, and Air Crash Investigation many times a day each.

If any of you actually read this, you deserve an orgasm. I'm not saying it wasn't true, I'm saying it was really long and if you have time to read this, then you're awesome. Thanks for reading.


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