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Is It Fair To Say


from what I can tell is that since my post, there has been a small flame war going on, have you heard about it? that comment was made and it was 100% ture I have never played WOW.

however I have never played,

COD 1 through 5
Counter strike
half life 1 or 2
Team Fortress 1
Star craft
and the list is very long of the games I have never played.

I do not belive that saying "I have never played WOW" implies anything other than what it says.

is it stereo typing to say all who play WOW are lifeless slugs? YES. because there is a very small percentage (if I had to guess 0.001%) of the 11 million people who play have the addictive personallity to let it ruin thier lives.

Is it fair to say that MMO's are like CRACK COCAINE? YES. because when you start you can quit. but it becomes a mater of choice... do you want to? are you having fun? and sometimes a small percentage of the folks that are playing get pulled in so far that they can not see it ruin thier lives. So at that time friends and/or family step in and there is a sort of intrvention to pull them away from thier addiction.

Is it fair to say that mearly saying "I have not/ will not- play wow" implies that all who do are lifless whores who deserve what they get because they can't control themselves?
NO. it is only a statement that means I don't play WOW... do those who don't play wow wanta medal??? I would say no. do we want you to feel sorry for us... again I am going to say no. I would say that a large persentage of the folks who don't play wow, don't play for the same reason I don't play. I don't play because I am not a fan of magic or the slow game play mostly because of the slow game play. that is the same reason why I have not tried star wars galaxies (and I am hardcore starwars fan..) Slow game play has also kept me away from playing EVE Online. and I am a hardsore SI-FI nut. I am sure there is a small percentage of people who don't play wow because they know that they have an addicitive personality and steer clear of it.

In no way is this blog intended to be-little people who play wow, it is intended to be-little those who think people who say they don't play wow imply that everyone who does are basment dwelling, sandwich eating, wow playing, lifeless turds!

please do not post after this as it is only here for me to vent about this whole PRO/anti wow debate. (and I use the word debate loosley) and is really not a open topic. It is just my opinion


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