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Is There Anything Wrong With Being A Fan Boy Spoilers

We, as gamers have got to admit that there is franchises that we are more interested in, that we watch more than any other franchise, it is simply appeal.

Me, I am a huge star wars (as well as general futuristic sci-fi) fan. I've actually won money with the amount of information I know about SW. Along with that, I currently own over 25,000 Canadian dollars worth (based on market value) of star wars merch, not including almost all of the EU Books.

As well with star wars, I love my war hammer 40,000 6000 point space marine army and I'll admit I fallow it nowhere near star wars, but when a new game is announced, or a new unit, imp all over it.

Then there is Halo, man did I love the first 3. before you start thinking, let's see this guys profile, my name is Hammerblaze, look it up at bunge.net, that my main, and I have a few others that I just toyed around with, or used free xbox live time on.

So, as I was saying, I loved halo, I bought ODST, I didn't buy reach, as I honestly thought it was a waste of money ( I received it as a gift about 3 months after release) and I found the story horrible. it contradicted the books in so many ways, and most importantly it didn't have the 'halo" feel to it.

Then this year something called E3 happens, and they announce a game I have been long not awaiting for. Why? because I don't want them to milk it and screw it up, but they announce it anyways, with a different studio working on the game, 343 industries. Does this newer company have a chance at writing a solid story, going back to the Halo fundamentals and making an awesome well polished game? Guess I'll be holding on to my 360 a bit longer to find out, as I will probably pre order the game, just so I can get my "recon" and flaming helm armors that once used to be something that us elites and dedicated to the franchise once work so very hard to earn, to only see everyone get one.

Do I have hope for h4? yes, but do I have hope for them curing cancer this year? yes... but something's just arnt likely to pan out in a great way. An Epic Way (gears of war 3 reference joke).

Other then the armor differences (a jet pack really?) and a not expected "enemies" as I was hoping that the ship Master was on was gunner crash into the planet at the end of h3, but instead X amount of time has gone by, and now has drifting in space, and woken up by Cortana, while some massive ship is going to pull them in it seems.

Then again, maybe this plot twist is for the best, guess we will have to wait and see.

So yea, i'm a fan boy, I love my franchises that I hope the owners don't butcher, I hold these things closely, I grew up with star wars, reading the books and playing the games. Halo was the thing that got me back into gaming, then games like gears of war, Fallout 3 +NV, and then my favorite current active series, Assassins Creed.

Is there really anything wrong with being a fan boy? with loving a company, putting my time and money in on that company, and well, enjoying my hard earned cash in something that reminds me of the past, the epic moments, as well as the sad ones and the pure ones.

You can call me a fan boy, but really all it is preference.


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