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It Works

Last week i posted about the great night i had on sunday. This last weekend i got invited to go to a birthday party of a girl i knew with a bunch of people.
I really did not know who invited me or why cause its kinda not the scene of people i usaully hang out with.
Anyway i went to bar with of these people there and felt a little out of place. 30 minutes later and 3 vodka rebulls later i was having a blast with all of them.
After doing all the stupid stuff one does at piano bar, sing,dance, and drink, I started talking to the birthday girl. Turns out she was the one who invited me. Se had just broke up with her boyfriend like 3 weeks ago and thought i looked good at our kickball meets.
I end up being a gentleman and not trying to take her home with me. We kissed a few times and left it at that.
Know i have a date wit a girl i have been cursing on since when she had a boyfriend. She is not a 10 like i said i was after a few weeks ago but a solid 8 with room to improve. Thanks for the advise trailer park!
Anyway the point of posting this is not to brag, well maybe a little, but more of a way to maybe get some of the guys here who sit and play games to get out and explore the towns are itys they live in.
Anyway until next time.


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