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Its Been Too Long

And I don't really have an excuse
It used to be that I would have had more blog posts than actual posts, but eh, that's not gonna be happening for a while. I post too much*

Anyway, I've had so much on my mind. See, my problem is that I think too much. I go over so much in my mind that I act far too little

I live in the now, and in the past. I look to the future, but do not really care for it
I yearn to make a difference, but at the same time, I lack the motivation required to better myself for it
The little things make me happy

Thoughts are like a code. Without the cipher, the meaning is lost and/or warped.
Such is plight of all bloggers, really. Do you, Honorable Reader, really understand what I say? Do you know what I mean?
The beautiful thing is you draw your own interpretations from what I write, and I have little to do with the effect it has on you

Rambling as the ocean, twisting like the stream
Wild as a typhoon, and at the centre - me
Adrift on the sea of my mind, on my flimsy raft of coherent thoughts

Till the next time
*in the School Help section


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