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Its My Birthday

i am sad.

i am sad that you are not able to be here to celebrate with me.

i am sad that after 5 years of growing up with you i cant even have you here on my birthday.
something that i have shared with you for what seems like forever.

I am sad that the person that i knew is gone,
and i dont know if i'll ever have you back.
i dont know if its possible.
maybe we are too different now.

i am sad that i cant be excited with you about the good things in life.
and be sad with you for the sad things in life.

I wish i knew what happened.
how things got like this.
i dont feel that i have changed.
but i know i have.
i am not a bad person.
i like to look on the lighter side of things.
i want to experience life and everything it has to offer.
but right now
i am sad.
and thats it.


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