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Ive Had Enough

I'd like to know why Oblivion is always crashing to the desktop. No one obviously knows the answer to this question on google. Very few people seem to have it. I even encountered the same experience I encountered with Dragon Age the other day. The screen was magically unreadable but my hud was perfectly readable at the bottom left. The main menu was composed of cube letters that were completely unreadable. I took pictures with my moms cell phone but she "lost the USB cable" to it so I can't upload pictures for you guys to see what I'm talking about. It crashed to the desktop 3 times today. After the graphical mishap, I tried playing again. When I clicked "continue game" at the main menu, it just went to the desktop without any message or anything.

My laptop is also getting screwed over a bit too. Whenever I turn it on, AVG tells me there is a threat detected. Thankfully, it hasn't harmed my system but it has something to do with startup and explorer.exe and I know that the explorer is pretty important.

So it looks as if I'm not gonna be gaming in a while on my PC because I am to pissed off too. Luckily my PSP works and I can play a couple games on there.


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