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Ive Past A Mile Stone

THANKS 2all u guys out there this is my first overclock ,and it was a sucess ! I know its not big 2 use guys but its my first 1and im glad i can put a pat on my back . Im using a msi
N-1996 motherboard with a intel celeron R 1.8 ghz processor weve got 2GB DDR2 ram and a
SYTH KATANA 2 heat sink 4 the processor well im proud 2 say for the first overclock weve bumped it up 2 a 2.18 and shes rock solid just want yous 2 know im glad ive listened and researched it all on your sites my next build is with an asus p5kc with a q6600 quad core and a1650 PCI e card looking forward 2 all of your advice thanks again by the way the temps r at 80% farren on the system and 120 on the processor if theirs anybody that can help me get these #down im all ears


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