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John Lennon R I P October 9 1940 December 8 1980

It's odd.

I can barely remember what happened yesterday, but some memories stay with me. Stuff that happened when I was very very young sticks with me, much better.

One of the things I will probably always remember is the fact that my father used to play Beatles music when I was an infant. He tells me, even to this day, that he used to put me to sleep using Beatles songs.

I have never lost my love for the Beatles' music. And more than just their music, I've also cultivated an interest in the band members.

John Lennon, however, was always my favorite by far. For me, his songs were always by far the best; he was the best singer of the four, and his lyrics were the most provocative.

His solo career was also the most interesting, with many great songs. Who amongst us doesn't know such great songs like "Imagine," "Happy Xmas (War is Over)," "Give Peace A Chance," or "Grow Old With Me"?

I remember very vividly the day when he was shot and killed in New York City in 1980. I was all of five years old at the time, and given the fact that I lived in the Philippines at the time, it was the afternoon of December 9 when I heard about his assassination. I was supposed to have been taking an afternoon nap, but being an incorrigible five year-old, I was still awake and listening to the radio. The DJ stopped the Christmas song being played (I don't remember what the song was), and announced that Lennon had been shot and killed in New York City. Our nanny (my sisters and I had a nanny at that time, since both of my parents had jobs) half-screamed at the news, and I suppose her reaction is one reason why the event remains indelible in my memories.

These days, there are three days in a year when my playlist focuses on one artist and one artist only. November 5th is Bryan Adams' birthday; October 9th is John Lennon's birthday, and December 8th is his death anniversary.

And so today, I listen to Lennon, and Lennon only.

"Imagine there's no heaven..." he once sang. I can, but probably only because he was the first to make that suggest that and make me think about it.

Thanks, "Nowhere Man." Rock on forever.


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