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Just When Ive Found Rest

These days I'm finding I have less complaints every day. A good indication of that is considerably less use of twitter for complaining. A few months back it bothered me one day to think that the majority of my updates were complaints.. I saw that as a problem and tried to find ways to make me a bit more content. While most of my efforts haven't had significant impact, finally finding a job and re enrolling for school have.

It seems like the days are flying by now. It's as if life for me was equivalent of a plain field with a single train constantly rushing through it. I've either been a person on the train or a person standing on the platform, watching and waiting. Waiting for the impossible. Waiting.. basically for nothing.

Now I'm on that train and i'm feeling its momentum. Why have I waited for so long to get back on track...? I'm never going to regret the times I've stood and watched, because there's something


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