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Got myself a job. Havent had one since Augustish. Pretty groovy I suppose. I feel less useless now that I have a job thats for sure! The place where I work blows and makes me feel extremely retarded, but the people I work with are alright, its a steady weekly paycheck, and I can walk to work with no real issue. Plus the free food stuffs.

Ive been trying to find some more freelance work, but it all seems to have dried up with the economy. Kinda a shame because I am 15 or so days behind rent and have 2 disconnect notices sitting on my desk totaling more than 500. One month to pay on both working part time at 8 dollars an hour definitely doesnt cut it.

Im just going to keep looking for a new job and work this one + any others I get till forever I suppose. Just sucks that where I live has NOTHING in the way of jobs/income that is legal.

By the way, I have multiple for sale threads. Check them out and buy my sweet ass underpriced stuff!


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