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Laptop Repair

NO THERE NOT,that would burn you on the repair, there all not even close,OD and type is in mm size,the amps is a factor,would you put a 1.8 amp connector on in as a replacement for a 3.42 amp connector! no,they must fit the model and part # of the mother board, you would be held accountable for damage to it,this something they don't teach you in school,98% of the class has never took apart a laptop and trouble shoot it!!!! if your gonna be a real tech know what your doing.. i really love repairing laptops and towers, any one can read a book,can they do the work?????85% of tech's are software tech and cant fix or trouble shoot there own pc!!!!big money in repair!!! so witch one is you!!!! im not trying to be a *******!but i tell it like it is!!!!
i try to help people but there on there phones,facebook,or just going on staring off in the clouds,you can work and have fun to!!! i really thank people at school are going thou the motion's!!!!!! only 2% will be software/hardware tech's!!!!!!


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