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Last Nights Tech

So last night, while I slept (for 14 hours) Received these:
2 X Intel C2D E8600 (for LN2 Project)
4 X WD Velociraptors (300GB)

While I have uses for all of these (I have to post up all of whats going on around here); Im still trying to get a Asus Commando and in the meantime build the script up for a local film (which has proved to be a bit of a pain, though its for a good cause).

Hopefully, by the end of next week I'll have finished building off all my other rigs (for upcoming events/LANs) and then I can get onto a fulltime LN2 Project. My case is being built and the pots are being improved.

For now I'll be uploading pics and reposting from my old blog to this one.
Dont forget to comment...
Ciao for Now


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