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Last Of The Parts Or So I Think

I had gotten done installing the last WD hdd (planning on RAID-0 eventually), the last 2 SilenX 120mm fans, and a Zalman 6-fan controller, zero noticeable effect on the overall temperature. Oh well, plenty of air flowing now so I have little to worry about when it comes to cool air for my system. Best part is, even though my tower is louder, the only noise that I do hear isn't from the fans but from the air they're moving .

I downloaded and update the motherboard bios from 1103 to 1202, not my best move. While successfully updated, I ended up have to set everything to it's defaults (except Cool-N-Quiet is enabled) due to a BSOD and hard lock that kept coming up during the Vista load screen. I haven't exactly determined why since all the update did was add unleash mode to the ACC function (I left it disabled) and fixed the Intel 9300PT LAN card not waking up the system from S1/S3/S4 (I don't have one, so no big). I suspected that it may have something to do with the NB frequency being at 2400MHz since I had something similar happen when I tried to set that to 2600MHz with BIOS revision 1103. The only upside seems to be that I shed nearly 2C and I'm now about 11C above ambient (39C absolute). I gotta do some checking since I didn't know what the default voltage is for the NB, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that increasing this voltage would help to stabilize things.

As always, any and all reasonable suggestions and ideas are welcome. By God, I'm gonna kick this pig until it works, .

EDIT: Sure enough the issue was the NB frequency being at 2400MHz, although I didn't know why at the time . I tried raising it to 2600MHz to see what would happen. I managed to get Vista loaded, but for some reason, according to CPU-Z, it would default to 2000MHz and I couldn't get it to change. I double checked the BIOS and it was still set at 2600MHz, :twisted: . I also raised the DDR voltage from 1.86V to 1.9V, that seemed to help with the benchmarks some, dropped the latency from ~57ns to ~49ns; I was much happier when I had ~47-48ns with the NB frequency at 2400MHz.


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