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Latest Pc Updates

It's been a while since i posted so I'll post an update blog.

I got my new parts about 3 or 4 weeks ago. My GTS 250 is amazing. I haven't reinstalled Crysis to try it with the new card but FarCry 2 runs exceptional maxed out with 4x AA and a 1440x900 resolution. My average frame rate is somewhere around 43-55. When walking in really open areas, it will shoot up to about 102 FPS.

My new 530W PSU has been awesome. IT looks really cool and has a blue led in the huge fan on the PSU. Seems perfectly stable and has made it successfully through the 2010 Chimp Challenge. lol

I recently began trying to script AI in Oblivion so I can create AI that will actually follow me without having to do main quests to have only one ugly person follow you around. That hasn't worked out so well. I had just finished up an AI character I made which was based off a friend in real life when right as I was finishing up giving her commands to respond back to me, construction set crashed so I'm taking a break from scripting for a while.

Yesterday, I had an idea of putting my P3 rig back together. Here are the specs of it:

Pentium III - 1GHz
DDR RAM - 512 MB
Nvidia GeForce 5600 FX Ultra - 256 MB
30GB HDD (7200 RPM i believe)
Asus tusl2-c motherboard
Pioneer 22X DVD+RW
500W PSU
I have no case for it so i decided to set it up on my entertainment center. Under the motherboard i had so anti-static foam protector which I don't think will catch on fire but correct me if I was wrong. I got it all set up when I realized, I did not have a power button.


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