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Learning To Overclock

with the help of this overclocking guide, i'm setting out on my first real attempts at overclocking my x4 645.

stock settings are:
3.1ghz (200x15.5)
1333 (667/100x200)
cpu voltage: 1.275
nb voltage: 1.10
ht voltage: 1.20
sb voltage: 1.20
cpu/nb voltage: 1.175
dram voltage: 1.50
vdda: 2.5

so far, it seems rather frustrating because i get different bsods at a 10% increase in the ref clock. I lowered my dram from 1333 to 1067 so that when i overclock, it runs at 1173,
i dropped my cpu/nb and ht down to 1980, raised my cpu voltage from 1.275 to 1.300.

the bsods i have gotten are x91, x124, and x0a.
for the most part, i can actually log into windows be then as soon as i do anything, it bsods.

p.s.- i don't think my hwmonitor is working.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Learning To Overclock