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Lets Change It Up

Ok usaully i talk about the dating life i have which is now the best it has ever been. Today i decided to talk about games first.
I got fear3 a few weeks ago and i must say i really like it. Have not played alot of the mp yet but will in the future. So the single player was fun, and a good game to start getting back into gaming again.
After i beat the singal player i decided to give duke nukem a try. I have never played a duke game before so thought this would be good. Wrong. i have never in my life played a game as terrible as this game and i have played some BAD GAMES. Besides the stupid toilet humur there is nothing in this game for me. well i guess the girls are alright but i mean come on its a game. Anyway that was the larges waste of money i have seen since the morning after pill my ex took trying to avoid having my child. I dont think the game will end up paying off like that happy little accident though.
So i decided since duke was not great i would play some crysis 2 mp. man there was no body playing i had one game with 3 other guys and i got owned. but looking forward to playing in a game with a full lobby.
SO thats what is going on in my gaming world. On to the dating stuff.
I brought my daughter to a pool party at this mansion in the area around my place. I only knew a few people there but decided to go anyway. So me in my daughter started playing in the swimming pool with the other kids and next i see her. IN my life there has been three girls that i fell head over heals for at first sight. My first, my ex, and now this girl.
This girl had at least 4 guys trying to get the hook up. Me on the other hand dont chase after girls when i have my kid so we just played in the water. This girl walks up and starts talking to me and cookie. See was simple amazing. she was french. LOng story short and got her number. Tonight i have a date with the hottest, smartest, and most down to earth girl i have ever met. I hope it goes well cause she is a keeper. Anyway good week guys.


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