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Lets Get Some Things Straight

I like Intel more than AMD
AMD has my business because I have a really low budget and they offer better processors than Intel in the $0-80 range.
Current gen Celerons do not please me

Pushpins don't bother me as much as the AMD clip

I prefer Intel's LGA over AMD's PGA because pins are a :swearing: to handle when I'm merely cleaning off thermal paste from the proc. In fact, I almost broke a Phenom a few days ago due to the dang pins (Read my previous blog entry)

Between Nvidia and ATI, I have no real preference. I do think Nvidia cards look better, but that is not a deciding factor when I'm buying cards.

ATI's drivers have been as good to me as Nvidia's drivers. I don't know why people are hating on ATI's drivers.

As for warranties
I could care less about the length. I won't be keeping a card for more than 2-3 years anyway

AMD's chipsets are very nice
I'm sure Intel's chipsets are nice too. They're a bit out of my price range though (The good ones like P45 at least)
All the intel systems I've had used SiS junk (Which was slow, but had no problems thankfully)

Asus' motherboards > Gigabyte's motherboards
Asus' tech support < Gigabyte's tech support

My darn gigabyte board won't run memory in dual channel
(And there's a freakin new revision of my board that just came out...I'm stuck with the old version :swearing
But Gigabyte's tech support is very responsive (Unlike Asus...)

CRT's > LCD's for gaming IMHO

Laser mice are awesome. They can track on more surfaces than optical mice more reliably

Applying TIM for direct touch heatpipe coolers is piss annoying to do properly on AM2

For me, Quiet > Performance

...that's all I can think of right now...yeah.


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