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Life In The Fast Lane

I probably shouldn't have stayed up all night... But I haven't crashed yet, so I'll just keep on truckin'.

Speaking of, I have to be 21 to drive a semi. Also, did you know I'm not good enough to be cannon fodder for the United States o America's military? True story!

Why? Well it's not grades or physical condition. Unless Asthma is a physical condition, in which case it's because of a physical condition. Having asthma is both a life saver (will never get drafted, not that there's going to ever be a draft), and a life killer. Of course, it doesn't help that I live on the top of a STEEP hill. Walking down hill isn't a problem, it's walking back up it. I admit I'm not in shape, but I blame many factors.

One, I live in an area that hates those that are out of shape. By that I mean it's hilly, and steep hills to boot.

Two, to go on a simple walk without dieing, I need to drive down to the park, which sort of defeats the purpose of a walk.

Three, I can't afford a Gym membership. Luckily, it's only $30some a month here, but it doesn't help that my dad takes away half of my money every pay check, and I'm not even making enough to support my car AND repair my netbook. I could sell my iPod Touch, but I was saving that sale for something different.

Four, I have asthma. If you have asthma, you know the suffering it will cause if you try to get any physical activity. I think I could handle it at a gym, but walking up hills....

Five, I love my computer to damn much! Well, love isn't the right word. I hate the hardware, I need to upgrade (I can't, see point three), my parts are slowly killing them selves, and so on, but it's still my computer. I built it my self for crying out loud! I might be able to rebuild it or buy all new parts in 2011, or possibly around Christmas. As my birthday and Christmas are right next to each other (separated by a couple of weeks), I get DOUBLE gift cards (or more likely, the same amount but given to me over the course of a month).

Speaking of, my parents still ask us for birthday and Christmas lists believe it or not. A bit juvenile, but hey, who am I to complain, right? I need to figure out what I want this year... A new monitor? No... I would need to buy a new video card to go with a dual monitor set up comfortably. SAY! That's it! I'll ask them for a new video card! Either one of the new Nvidia cards or a 5770 or something. I only have a 19 inch monitor, I don't think I need something better.

Of course, this also leaves me with stuff for Christmas too. Seeing as the video card will probably cut into the Christmas budget, I might ask for a cheap video game or something. Any recommendations? HA! No one reads this anyway.


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