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Life Part 1 Maybe

Alright, so I have been thinking about life a lot lately. What I have been doing, used to do, and will do. I have always dealt with depression in my own life. Never found a real root or cause of it. But, I have been getting back into some of the things I used to do. When I was depressed and when I was getting over my depression I used to write poems alot. Stuff that I have been doing has mirrored what I am sorta feeling. I never really was into doing some of the stuff I felt as of late, however, it helps relieve stress when I do.

Two of the earlier pieces I have done, I didn't want to link outside of OCN (my personal website) so I put these here. No one can use these works without contacting/PM'ing me first:

Prototype Theoric


The Dark Veil

I have been writing a new poem in my Writing class, so far it is 3 pages long, front to back. So, hopefully that one will look/flow/work much better then any of the others I have written.

Anyways, I have come to see that a lot of things are happening again, mainly to psychologic and health aspects: Sleeping track (the first time I wrote this, it was 3.30AM, not it is 4.30AM), drinking beer or whine, having emotional spouts, having focus issues, eyes get out of whack, etc

I don't know what I really will do. I have a lot of things that can help me and I know what to do when that time comes. Right now though, none of that is working.

I don't know, I feel like I will be ending up screwing up my classes this semester, not because I have to much work-load, but because I can't plan everything out. Not like I don't try, I work as hard as hell on the assignments that I am given and stuff, but I usually end up forgetting, or not doing them. I know most of this is all caused by stress.

I don't know, I am thinking about getting rid of OCN for a while in my life. Maybe, not sure what I will do...

(part two may to come?)


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