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Lol To The Blogs 11

Okay, so I came back to OCN after a short break the other month but never quite returned to the blogs.

So many stories so little time, lets take this one by one shall we? I think so, oh yes, lets.

So I think quite a while back I mentioned I had started dating a girl I knew for 3 years whom I messaged and mailed back and forth a few times.

Well, the crap hit the fan ladies n' gents. Of course shes bipolar so its tough to get out of it. I did really like her but things had been going sour.
3 months ago before she left for AIT for her army training n whatnot I laid it flat, I couldn't handle her and her random spazzes at me.

Of course she tells me then she had already bought plane tickets to pennsylvania to visit me after her 8 weeks would be done. Oh joy. She has since been threatening to stop on my doorstep and pop me one and well shes a bi-polar army-chick. I don't wanna fight that. She also said she'd bring her father along.

Remember now, their from Mississippi so... yeah... (No offense to you other southerners here on ocn!)

I ended up having to tell her to stop harrasing and threatening me or I will let the authoritys know once she shows up on my doorstep which would have been supposedly been in 16 days from now.

And trust me, my family has a lot of close friends that are in the police force so i'd be good and ended up having to tell her that I doubt she'd want to be dishonorably charged from the military as well as not to contact me again.

Talk about not being able to handle breakups...
God, that was so stressful i literally almost cried. lol. Seriously. I am not dating any more bi-polar people unless i know them in person and no more long distance for me. I'm done with that.

As for what I'm doing now, I have moved on and am now dating another girl whom we've reached our month and a half so far. No arguments whatsoever yet ^_^ Her entire family loves me too.


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