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Long Awaited Upgrades

So when I first built my first computer, my current rig known as "The Crow", I was on a slim budget so I was only really able to get it up and running, not really the exact parts I wanted.

But due to working more these days, I can finally begin an upgrade over the course of this next month.

Just got a new hard drive finally since mine was clicking. Its the Spinpoint F3 by Samsung. 500GB. Pretty nice if I say so myself.

Next on my list is a Radeon 5670. Not top of the top of the line, but its up there enough to play almost all the games out these days. Would get a better one, but with Northern Islands in 2011 i think its just fine.

Followed by a widescreen lcd whichll be a huge upgrade from my CRT monitor ^^

and then last but not least for the time being, 2 more GB of RAM and an aftermarket heatsink for my CPU so I an OC finally

Its getting me all excited. upgrade times here i come!


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Long Awaited Upgrades