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Magicka Vietnam

Buy it. Buy this crap now, this is easily the sexiest game with the sexiest DLC ever. And by sexy I mean fun, humorous, and downright unputdownable. The DLC adds a new playable character usable in any game mode that starts out with an American Flag Staff and an M16A1. Two new challenge modes appear, Vietnam: Survival(which is epic) and Vietnam: Rescue.

Vietnam Survival has you pinned down in a clearing as Vietcong come out of the woods. You and up to three friends survive as long as possible.

The real meat of this DLC is Vietnam: Rescue. Just like the rest of Magicka it is fully cooperative by up to four players and takes you on a new story mode level to rescue prisoners from Hanoi. Unlike the campaign this has huge replay value in that you're scored for time and secondary objectives.

Everytime I wanted to brag to my friend on Steam about the gun I just picked up I'd find a better one. Seriously. I was excited about the Mosin-Nagant until I found the AK47. I was excited about the AK47 until I found the RPD. I was excited about the RPD until I found the RPG-7. I don't know if it gets any bigger from there but god...this stuff is epic. My Steam ID is Envy23. You can find me on community search by [TTBD]Kyoko. I don't have a mic but I type darn fast to makeup for it and I'll gladly listen in on vent servers.


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