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Manga Catching Up On One Piece

After a long hiatus from following the future pirate king's adventures I have finally returned to reading One Piece....
Only to find, theres 500+ chapters now
Shoot me lol
After 2 days I'm nearly caught up from the chapter 279 I was on.

At the moment I am currently on chapter 475.
Phew! Good thing I'm a fast reader.

I must say, things have gotten quite interesting with the paths that are being taken in the manga from Luffy's "Gear" modes, his father, Ace, the funny zombie arc, and beyond this manga is very unpredictable.
I'm highly looking forward to what'll happen next and I intend to catch up to the latest chapter by midnight tonight.

And out of all the arcs, I must say, the Thriller Bark arc that I am currently on, is the one thats caused me to burst out in laughter the most out of any of the other arcs. Sure it's filled with a lot of crazyness in this manga normally but this arc has just had tons of moments.

I'll post more thoughts on the happenings of this manga once I catch up.


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