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Maybe I Should Sleep More Or More About Me

I'm a regular night owl.
I just loooooooove the night. The darkness it brings, the quiet, the solitude. It does wonders for my muse, for my soul.
Only problem is, that means I hardly ever sleep. :S
It gets me in a hell of a lot of bother too, take today for instance:
I slept through half of a very important Physics lecture, only got woken up when my friend txted me from 2 rows behind ^^
Then, I had a wonderful 3 hour Chemistry lab in the afternoon, and was so tired I could barely read. No joke
Hopefully I did alright in the end.

I also took a couple of white friends out today, we just chilled in town. I wanted them to try out unagi (eel) at an awesome Japanese restaurant, but we ran short on time. Had to rush and stuff, but at least they had a quick taste
Anyone else like eel? I love it

Om nom nom nom

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I'm Chinese.
I love the Chinese and Japanese cultures, and take great pleasure in comparing the 2.
Most differences can boil down to this simple comparison: Buddhism vs Bushido
Both so similar, yet so different
Japanese martial arts vs Chinese martial arts.
Remnants of ancient culture echo through to the present, and it is a truly remarkable view to behold.

Another fact about me: I'm extremely musical. I play several instruments, and am addicted to my music. I've been relying on my music to keep me sane/alive for many many years.
I started learning the piano at the age of 9, stopped learning at 14. I stopped in the middle of Grade 4 (for piano, not school), but I've continued playing.
I was given a simple, 6-hole sweet potato Ocarina as a child, but never really understood what it was. I thought it was a glorified whistle ^^
Sometime around the time I started learning the piano, I also taught myself how to play it. I loved the sound it had (kind of a rich, tradition wood flute sound), and would carry it with me most places.
Unfortunately, it broke when I was 13, and I've never had a replacement since
I also started teaching myself how to play the acoustic guitar a couple of years ago, and the bass last year.
To be honest, the bass is an insanely easy instrument to play
Still, a skilled bass player is skilled
I dabbled in drums, but never really liked it
I also tried out DJ'ing, and I loved it, but couldn't afford to continue
I would love to learn how to play the harp one day, but that'll have to be a long time away
Heck, if I had the time and resources, I'd learn how to play the saxophone, violin, double bass, panpipes, flute, clarinet, Er-Hu, Koto, Pipa and countless more

Anyway, it's getting late, and I have a busy day ahead. We shall have to continue this another day.
Till then


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