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Megatron Is Kicking The Crap Outta Xiggy

Well my order from SVC.com arrived yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm. Did the teardown and couldn't believe what I found, nearly 3cm of my cpu was completely uncovered!!! No wonder my temperatures started to take off, still didn't make a difference ultimately. Having reseated my Xiggy 3 previous times (correctly mind you ), I was still getting 41C idle with ambient at ~26C. Now I'm getting around 36-38C (there's some bouncing, meh) and I'm much happier. I'll look into another Scythe 1900rpm Slipstream and maybe some shrouds to see if I can't get the temps down even further.

I got even more bad news as I attempted to install my AM2 adapter only to find that it didn't fit . I ended up cutting off about a 3x3mm segment at the cpu socket lever arm and blending it into the bends near the corners. Yes, I know it floats some, but this literally wouldn't screw down, it was that far off. A Dremel and ream fixed the problem after I found out that my little cutting wheels weren't up to the job. I don't like cutting things up that I just bought, but it was that or have the Megahalems facing the wrong way .

So all in all, I rearranged some fans, added some fans, and got a better heatsink. I'm still in the process of testing that last bit and I've got some cleanup left on the wiring, lots of fan wiring makes for a BIG mess. I believe I read someplace that Orthos will torture my CPU more, so I think that I'll run that to get my temperatures up.

Exhaust - 1 rear (120x38 90cfm), 2 top (120x25 72cfm)
Total cfm: 234
Intake - 1 side (GPU 120x38 90cfm), 1 front (120x25 110cfm thermally controlled)
1 behind mobo tray (80x15 18cfm)
Total cfm: 218
CPU - 1 120x25 110cfm pointed toward the rear exhaust
Circulating - 1 at rear of 5.25" drive bays (120x25 44cfm)
1 at bottom pointed at GPU (120x25 44cfm)

Exhaust - 1 rear (120x38 90cfm), 1 side (GPU 120x38 90cfm)
Total cfm: 180
Intake - 2 top (GPU 120x25 72cfm), 1 front (120x25 43cfm)
1 behind mobo tray (80x15 18cfm)
Total cfm: 205
CPU - 1 120x25 56cfm pointed down at the GPU
Circulating - 0

SilenX: 2 120x38 90cfm, 2 120x25 72cfm, 1 80x15 18cfm
Cooler Master: 1 120x25 110cfm, 2 120x25 44cfm
Scythe: 1 120x25 110cfm

Yes, I know I have a negative pressure case now (218cfm intake, 234cfm exhaust), but it's all for a good cause, OVERCLOCKING .


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