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Metal Fight Beyblade Downgraded In Logic

I'm sure some of you remember the highly popular top toys based off of the anime series Bakuten Shoot Beyblade.

Well after a good 4 years of no production a new series has arrived along with a new line of toys.

It goes by the name of Metal Fight Beyblade.
The series recently started airing here in the US & Canada, however the toys won't reach here until Fall unless you order off of Amazon or something.

Anyway, so far its alright, it seems more oriented with one on one battles. But one loose end of the story REALLY confuses me so far.

Okay, first lets get back to roots.

In the original Beyblade series, NORMAL Beyblades without Bitbeasts(will explain soon) moved in different patterns based on the different parts of it.

It was split into the Bit-chip, attack ring, weight ring, spin gear, and base.

The weight ring would help balance it out and helped it last longer, and the base is what really determined the movement depending on the tip. It could have defensive movements or more forward attack movements depending on the base types.

All beyblade parts were interchangeable to customize your beyblades to your liking.

Now, in the original shows thats what allowed them to make such varied movements. H

However in it's story, there were beast spirits that had become sealed within the Bit-Chip, thus known as the Bit Beasts.

Since they were spirits it made sense that they could make even wilder movements and basically the Beyblade moved as if it had a mind of its own.

However, in the new series Metal Fight Beyblade, or as it'll be known here Beyblade: Metal Fusion, even the ones without spirits move upon command of the Beyblader which has no sense behind it. Seriously? Where are they going with that?

I am liking the series, however you can't just throw things in like that without thinking.
I'm only a good 10 episodes into it, but this part just really agitated me as it seems like they just put the idea in it without thinking it through and how to make it work. Yes, I know its just a show, but I'm a total anime nerd.

Though it won't stop me at all from buying the new Beyblades once they hit shelves. I love it. Heres to hoping it gets better anyway.

/end nerd rant


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