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Minibike And Me

To give my boys something to do over the holidays i decided to go out and find a minibike for them.
For those not familiar with them, a minibike is nothing more then a miniaturized version of a real motorbike, in this case a Kawasaki Ninja.

After some browsing on the interwebz i found one that was affordable (guess why). After a brief contact with the seller i took the car and my sons and went off to get the minibike.

It seemed that there was a valid reason the darn thing was so cheap. It didn't ran, the rear wheel was jammed and alot of parts were missing.
But a challenge is always nice so for a few euro we were the proud owner of a minibike.

Now it was time to bring out the spanners and start some mayor overhouling. After 3 days of work it was looking like we were getting somewhere so a brave attempt was in order and i grabbed the starter to bring the little beast to life. It would have been a better idea to check the function of the kill-switch but hey, you have to live on the edge now and then.

Well, the frikking thing started allright but at full throtle launching it half way trough the garden where it layed on it's side screaming like a banshee.

Back to the drawingboard so i took everything apart again and worked from the ground up. After some serious overhauling and alot of polyesther, paint, grease, bolts and nuts it was done.

Now to figure out what to start on next..........


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