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Well, I read a thread today that (inevitably) got blocked/taken down by an admin/mod.

It's amazing how misperceptions can lead to offence and argument.

The thread about things to ban other than video games that was taken down just so happened to state that "although Canada has looser gun laws than the states, they also have less crime".

Well... looser... Let's define the word looser.

Looser: connotes a high degree of flexibility, with lack of consequence and a high degree that the laws that ARE put in place would not be followed or backed up by the authorities.

So, let's see... Canada's gun laws, by comparison.

In some states in the USA you have to, by law, have at least one gun per household/apartment.

In ALL Provinces/Territories, you are not allowed owning a gun without a permit, and the ones you are allowed have to either have a concrete barrel for collectors, or must be limited to hunting rifles which must be stored in a proper, locked case.

In the states there are shops to buy guns. Just guns. Any types of guns, from handguns to shotguns to rifles to... you get the point.

If you're caught with a pistol and you're not in a position of authority or have special authorization (CSIS anybody?) then you WILL be persecuted. If you're caught with any non-hunting classed 'gun', you will be persecuted.

There is a rigorous screening and mental health test to determine whether or not you are entitled to own a hunting rifle/gun (shotgun), and a similar process to give you the hunting permit that allows you to even USE the weapon. In Canada, anyways.

If you are a member of a gun club (I'm not sure if the few that were left in Canada are still open anymore or not) you have to leave the club gun in the club vault.

In the states, you can bring in or rent a weapon to fire at the firing range at the gun club or gun club affiliate range.

The guns that ARE used in crime in Canada were smuggled in from the states or other areas.

The guns that are used in crime in the states are either owned by the perpetrator, stolen by, bought illegally by, or borrowed by the perpetrator.

Life in prison is expected for any unauthorized transport, use, or ownership of a gun. In Canada.

In the states, you can get as little as a few months to just one day, depending on what it is you did.

Looser? Someone obviously didn't do his homework...


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