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Well today, yet another sick day. I decided that I would bite the bullet as it were.

I took my system apart once again, and removed the MB heat-sink.

My Crosshair IV north bridge was having troubles hovering around the 50-55C mark(idle, tested today, room is cool 19-21C). after taking the heat-sink off and doing some checking I am having the same issues as most people are talking about, where the NB isn't contacting correctly.

delicately removed the stands attached, and shaved them down a little with a file. After putting it all back together, I find that my temps are around 48-52C (idle, tested today room is still 19-21C)

SO, it is solvable, easily, with a hand file and about an hour, some new TIM and elbow grease. Problem isn't solved, but it is better.


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