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Modifying My Mozart Tx

Today I removed all the paint from one side of the case by sanding it. I used 200 grit wet and dry. It would have been easier if I used paint stripper or an orbital sander, which i will use for the other side.

The side that i did sand, I put one layer of grey undercoat. I found out that if I put one layer on each side, it will take me approximately one month to finish. 7 undercoat + 10 top coat + 5-10 clear (depending how shiny i want it) + sanding days and stuff.

I also took apart my fan controller, will be making a custom mount, i put one undercoat on. I will be painting it black. I also did one of my CD drive mods, which I will post when I make the thread for this thing, which will be in the next few days hopefully.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Modifying My Mozart Tx