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Money Spent At Microcenter


Sparkle GT 210- 39.99
Socket AM2/AM3 HSF- 6.96
Wireless Optical Mouse Mobile- 9.96
Corsair H50- 79.99
OCZ 600W StealthXStream PSU- 59.99
Tenda WIFI-14.99
Tenda Wifi-14.99
Inland Laptop Sata II Enclosure-5.99
Inland Speakers- 6.99
SSD Mounter- 4.98
DVI To HDMI convertor- 6.96
8GB Flash Drive-15.99
Xigmatek Apache Cooler-15.99
V3 Case- 31.96
Tenda Wifi-14.99
Tenda Wifi-14.99
Tenda Wifi-14.99
Palit GTX 460- 189.99
Inland Optical Mouse-3.79
Inaldn Optical Mouse-3.79
CoolMax Green Fan- 5.99
Xion Blue Fan- 4.99
Xion Blue Fan-4.99
Microcenter Mousepad-2.99
500GB SATA- 49.99
500GB SATA-49.99
Crucial 2GB DDR2800-42.99
Athlon X4 640- 99.99
Biostar A780L -9.99
OCZ 500W- 45.99
Intel i3 540-99.99
Crucial 2GB DDR3-1333- 46.99
Xion Drive Bay Mesh- 9.99
LG DVD Burner-17.99
Athlon X2 250-57.99
USB to SATA/IDE Adapter 12.99
Keebox Wifi-12.90


Athlon X4/Mobo=100 bucks
Athlon X2/Mobo=60 bucks
4GB DDR3=$46 bucks
LG DVD Burner-$17 bucks


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